August is bringing change

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Somehow it's the beginning of August.  Whaaaaat?

My oldest starts Kindergarten in less than 3 weeks. WHAAAAAT?  But quite honestly, besides the fact that it seems entirely impossible that I'm old enough to have a Kindergartener, we are both pretty excited about it.  Plus our district is only half day so she'll be home by Noon. Woot!

But still, everything I've known for the past five years is about to change.  She's maturing and forming opinions and caring what her friends think and reading a bit and asking really deep questions and for goodness sake, she doesn't even need her blankie anymore!  It's like the past five years have sort of crept along at a nice healthy jogging pace and now all the sudden it feels like I'm needing to run. 

And despite feeling truly excited for her to take this pivotal step in her childhood, I'm sort of panicked about making sure I've got this whole root & wing theory firmly set in place.  Are her roots deep enough to withstand heavy winds and storms?  Are we crafting her wings to be strong enough when she needs them?  I know I have plenty more years to cultivate these things in her heart but it does feel more urgent now. 

We are ready and willing though.  And in me, she has a sanctuary to come home to each day.  And when she faces scary days of judgement and mean girls and broken hearts, my little warrior can come home to me.  She can lay down her swords and her armor and can rest her weary bones.  She can settle down into those roots we've tended to for the past five years, and know she is fiercely loved.


  1. I loved this post; just spoke to my heart so much! I hope you all have enjoyed a lovely summer. Thankful God will show up in big ways in the midst of big change and that you would have peace and great joy in the midst of it all.



  2. Beautifully written, Bri. I worry about those things to, but I think you are doing a wonderful job of cultivating her roots and wings.


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