Let Kids Paint // Cardboard Canvas Painting

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Apparently, when we have empty cardboard boxes around the house, it gives me lots of ideas for keeping kids busy

Yesterday, I decided to turn an old box into a couple of art canvases and set up a little painting station in our yard.  Kiddos loved it.  Sister chose to do a family portrait and brother went for more of an abstract design. ;)

We just use Crayola washable paints, available at any craft store.  And the canvases were just leaned against plastic lawn chairs.  Keep it simple!  I am a huge proponent of letting kids get messy and using their imaginations.  But clean up was actually very easy for this since it was outdoors and I kept the paints and brushes on a tray.

Happy painting!



  1. This is lovely! Such a great idea. Now I have an extra activity for my cousins when I am on babysitter duty.

    1. Definitely! I love that they could go crazy and get messy!

  2. Love how the oversized cardboad really gives the kids room to make something big! Great use for I never thought of. Almost all of ours get turned into inventions. :)

    1. And so far, there's been no inventions in this house. So I'm glad we can give each other good ideas!


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