Monday, July 1, 2013

On Saturday night, I noticed the setting sunlight streaming through the tall trees in our backyard and got an idea for a spur-of-the moment photo shoot. 

I quickly asked sister is she would be my subject and she quickly said no.  So I offered her $1 and told her she could dance through the whole thing if she wanted.  BINGO.

We raided my closet for an appropriate "dance barefoot in the yard" outfit and found that white dress which happens to be one of my shirts.  Score. The necklace and scarf are also mine. 

I captured her floating and twirling all over that yard.  No inhibitions or insecurities.  Just dancing like it's her job.

I shared a short video clip of the twirling on Instagram and my friend Alana commented that she hopes sister always has the guts to dance.  Wow. YES.

At what age do we start caring so deeply about what others think of us?  When do the insecurities set in?  The self-doubt? 

There are a lot of things I pray for this little girl.  But a healthy self-confidence is one of the biggest.  I want her to believe with every fiber of her being that she was created with purpose and value.  And, in conjunction with that, I want her care much more about the approval of an unchanging God than she does about the approval of man.

Because where man's standard is exclusion and conditions, God's standard is love and grace.  So our crazy dance moves don't even phase him.  He loves it.  Is that in the bible?  It should be.

So here's the thing.  I want my daughter to dance barefoot in the grass just for the joy of it, knowing her God is beaming with pride at every twirl.

Click here to see the tiny dancer in action.



  1. I love this post so much. Thanks for sharing it. Your photos (as always) are gorgeous.

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