Friday, June 14, 2013

The past seven weeks, I've been working through another Beth Moore bible study on the Psalms of Ascent with my weekly bible study group.  I can't tell you how much I adore Wednesday mornings.  The kids get to do their own little lesson and playtime, while the moms get two hours to eat a hot breakfast together, talk, and study the Word of God.  There are definitely weeks where I practically limp into that building so desiring the refreshment that it brings me.

And those who know me well, know that I'm kinda crazy about Beth Moore.  It's her combination of humor and her contagious devotion to God that inspires me so much.  But most of all, she challenges me to think.  And Beth hit us with A LOT of things over the last few weeks.  But I wanted to share with you the biggest thing that blew my mind from this study.

It was a lesson on where to find true security.  Do I find it in the comforts and luxuries that I get to live with each day?  Do I find it in the fact that no one I love is currently sick or dying?  Do I find it in my husband's job?  In my marriage?  In my talents and strengths?

She says, "Even if our security is in something God has given us - our gifts, talents, loved ones, church family, consistent victory, passion for His Word - our seemingly secure mountain ultimately will fall into the sea.  We can grow secure in the favor of God has shown us, but God's favor and His person are not synonymous.  If our trust is in the manifestations of God's favor rather than God Himself, we will crumble like dry clay when He calls us to walk a distance of our journeys entirety by faith and not by sight."


I give God the glory all day long for the things that I have.  I praise Him in public and in private.  So I'm good right?!  I have faith!

But do I?  Even when I praise Him for the blessings, I am missing the point if I assume those very blessings will ultimately get me through this life.

You see, I worship comfort.  I worship the wealthy American luxuries I live with each day -- a nice house, lots of good food to eat, my education, my beautiful clothes, my happy healthy children.  What if all of those things were gone tomorrow?  Would I still praise Him?  Would I be able to fall back on God himself and not on things and people and blessings?

I'm letting this all sink into my bones.  I want true, unchanging security.  I want to open my tightly gripped hands and let go of all the earthly comforts that I publicly claim as His blessings on me.  I truly do want to walk by faith and not by sight.  But it's an exercise in trust that is not for the faint of heart. 

Anyone else struggle with this?



  1. gosh, Beth Moore speaks right to my heart every single time! Thank you for stirring in my heart today, Bri! Now I've got some thinking to do.

    1. I know so true!! Have you seen her live at once of her conferences??


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