I still love music videos

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remember when music videos were the coolest thing ever?  I remember sitting in front of the TV as a young girl enthralled by the videos on MTV.  Debbie Gibson, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, and an endless number of 90's bands.  I wasn't allowed to watch that channel all the time (thank goodness), but I remember falling in love with music and the art of storytelling through music from a very early age.  I still love them even though it seems fewer artists are creating good ones anymore.

This song is called "Gold" by Britt Nicole and Sister and I are loving it lately.  Such an upbeat song about feeling loved and valued.  Great for school-aged kids!

And it's no secret that I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan.  But I am also a huge Ed Sheeran fan!  So I just had to share this song and the cute video of their duet "Everything Has Changed".

And finally, Mumford & Sons "Lover of the Light" is one of my faves.  The video is just so artistic and beautiful.

Happy Thursday!


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