Hilton Head Island // In Photos

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So I took about 500 photos of our vacation.  Don't worry, I'm only showing you a handful.  You're welcome.  I may be known as the crazy picture lady but someday, my loved ones will thank me.

We spent the week in Hilton Head, SC with some of our best friends who we rarely get to see.  They're the kind of friends you consider family which made the week that much more special.  I would sum up our vacation with these simple words... beach, friends, bikes and FOOD.  Goodness we ate a lot.  There are restaurant recommendations listed at the bottom of this post for anyone who plans to make their way to the beautiful Carolina coast this summer.

Restaurant recommendations for Hilton Head Island:

Frankie Bones
Skull Creek Boathouse (amazing for kids!)
Black Marlin Seaside Grill
Truffles Cafe
Trattoria Divina



  1. Gorgeous pics! Looks like a great trip my friend. xo

  2. Beautiful Photos! Can't beat beach time and great friends!


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