Heart vs. Fluff

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just a collection of summer pretties from my archive.  

I was reading a great thread in the Influence Network Forums yesterday about writing blog content.  And how to balance the deep heart & faith stuff I often write about, with the everyday fluffy stuff that you would find me talking about if you and I were just chatting as friends.  I love documenting what's on my heart, especially my deep thoughts on faith and motherhood.  I want this space to be encouraging.  But here's the thing - I love lots of fluffy stuff too... makeup, celebrity gossip, Dancing with the Stars, home decor, mommy venting, music, shopping, design, photography and on and on.

If we were hanging out at my kitchen island right now I would most likely ask you what paint color you think I should use in my newly finished basement, and ask you what your favorite store to find cute bathing suits is.  I would ask about your kids, your typical day, and how you get dinner on the table for your family every night. And it might not come across very strongly on this blog all the time, but I love to laugh.  Like stomach hurts kind of laughing.  Like what happens when I watch the movie Bridesmaids or this scene from The Office.  If you and I were talking, I would hope that we could laugh about something stupid. 

I have silly days.  I have melancholy days.  I have grouchy days.  And I have deep thought days.  Sometimes I feel like writing about it and sometimes I don't.  I know sometimes this blog is full of pretty photos and sentiments on faith and being a mama.  And that's because those are deep parts of who I am.  But it's not everything.  I do hope I feel approachable to you when you read my words in this space.  I would like to think that those who know me in real life would say that I'm relatable and easy to talk to.  I hope this blog feels the same.



  1. Your last paragraph so perfectly sums up writing and life and balancing the good, the bad, the deep, and the fluffy. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Ashley thank you! I wish I had a better sense of my own voice. I never truly know if I'm being too one-sided. Wish I could get outside my own head sometimes. :) Thanks for reading and relating!

  2. Loved this Bri. This brings a broader perspective to the women behind the blogs - are deep thoughts flow in between wiping faces and catching up on our favorite shows and having coffee with friends. I love that.

    1. That is SO true. And it's those very things that can often spark the deep stuff in the first place. I need both depth and fluff to be well rounded. ;)


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