Texas is too far

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I just returned home after spending four beautiful days in Texas with my BFF.  She and her four boys are adjusting to life while her husband is deployed as an Army Doc in Afghanistan.  This family is amazing.

The 1,700 miles between us don't allow for many visits.  We see each other once a year if we're lucky.  But I'm so thankful that I was able to make it down there for this specific season of life to help out and do life with her for a few days.  We took care of kiddos, cooked, worked out together, went to church, stayed up till midnight gabbing every night, and I even went home with a pile of clothes she let me borrow for the summer (oh, if only we lived closer... the clothes sharing would be amazing!)

But my goal was just to be there for her as she adjusts to these next few months without her husband.  I was so happy I was there to feed and change the 4-month-old so that she could get the older boys ready in the mornings.  I could fold a pile of laundry for her while she packed lunches for school.  I could stay at home with the younger ones for nap time while she drove the oldest to his activities.  It was just really special to me.

I left feeling so inspired.  Inspired by her strength as a Mom, inspired by the community she has surrounded herself with, inspired by her positive attitude about the deployment.  She has been a gift to me since we first met as 22-year-old college graduates, ready to start our careers and our families.  Since then we have stood by each other at our weddings, lived in many different states, and supported each other from afar as we've welcomed a combined six children into the world.

She's a forever friend.  My Asian Twin, as we often refer to ourselves.

Also, I love Texas!  I could so live there. 

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  1. My dearest Bri, we miss you so much already! The boys keep asking about their Auntie Bri! We were all truly blessed by our time together, God knew I needed my American Twin! :) Thank you for being you and for EVERYTHING! You made my week... month... year! Love you to pieces!!!


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