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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Are you feeling heavy with self doubt and discontentment after spending time online lately?  Are you looking to weed out the negativity in your social media feeds? 

I'm continuing my series today on positive online spaces to follow.  Spaces that encourage, inspire and make you feel happy to be a part of social media.  These spaces don't leave you drained and jaded, but instead fill you with hope and value.

Today is all about T W I T T E R!

I am not a daily Twitter user, but when I do jump on, I am so encouraged by the true community there.  I keep my follows to Influence Network friends, bloggers, pastors, speakers, musicians and non-profits that I'm passionate about.

Here is a list of tweeters sure to brighten your day.


Happy Tweeting!

Are you looking to lighten up your social media feeds?  Are you feeling the need to weed out the negativity and add some encouragement to your online consumption?  I'm covering all my favorite follows that keep me inspired and uplifted.  See my favorites on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

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