Friday, May 10, 2013

I love candid photography.  I love how it tells an honest story.  Recently I overheard sister playing "School".  She was the teacher and was teaching her students all about trees.  I heard her tell the imaginary class that it was time to gather round and listen to a story.  I sprinted to get my camera from inside the house then slowly snuck close enough to capture a few shots.

Ten years from now, I will never remember this simple little scene that took place in my front yard.  But I'm thankful that I've snapped a few photos that will remind me of it though.  Her at age 5.  Full of imagination and creativity.  Not yet able to read that book she's holding, but confidently "teaching" all the things she had memorized from my reading it to her many times.

I urge you to take some candid photos of your loved ones this weekend!  Ensure that ordinary moments will be frozen for future reminiscing. 


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