When things are Dark

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I feel like there's so much heaviness everywhere lately.... 

  Bombings at celebrated public events.

  Personal friends dealing with pressing sadness, and loneliness, and brokenness.

  Sickening abuse all over the globe.

  Parents desperate to see their sick children be healed.

  Marriages falling apart.

I don't deal with heaviness very well.  I tend to process it all so deeply, that it feels like a weight on my chest.  And I don't have a deep insightful answer for you today.  Just a recognition that life is not always pretty. 

I tend to focus on the pretty stuff here on my blog, and that's on purpose.  Because I feel like I'm suppose to be a little tiny candle in the darkness.  If I hold my little light up proudly... even in the pitch blackness, it will pierce through and illuminate the space.  I know life is sometimes ugly and heavy and scary.  But we can break through the darkness with just a little bit of light.  It only takes one strike of a match in a dark room to light it up enough get your sight back.

I've decided to keep a fresh vase of yellow tulips on my table for the entire month of April.  They make me really happy.  Just looking at them can brighten my mood.  I consider that a little gift from my creator.  Flowers are a gift to us, you know. 

If you're feeling down today, head out and buy some happy flowers.  Or if you know someone who is feeling sad, try sending them an unexpected bouquet.  Be a light in their darkness.


  1. I appreciate your heart, friend. So much. :)

  2. I don't think I'd ever thought of flowers as being a gift from God. I like that. It's so Him. :) I have a vase of flowers on my table that makes me oh so happy, too.

    1. It is so Him. :) Glad a vase of flowers makes you as happy as it makes me!

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