Sibling Dynamics

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I know it doesn't show from the photos above, but I would say one of the most challenging parts of my day is playing referee to these two.  Conflict is extremely uncomfortable for me.  Really, chaos of any kind in my home is tough.  I can handle a lot of crazy if I'm out and about, or at a playgroup or in a setting where you expect a lot of noise and action.  But in my home... I need "Serenity Now!" And I know it's perfectly normal for the kids to bicker and push each other's buttons just to get a reaction.  But some days, it gets taken up a notch and it 

I'm still working on letting them fight it out sometimes without my intervention.  I do want them to practice healthy conflict resolution.  But most of the time, my strategy is to praise them when they do manage to work as a team.  I remind them a lot that they are called to love one another.  And my prayer has always been that they would have each other's back, especially when they're older.  I want them to genuinely care about each other and want to be great friends.

The photos above were taken recently when I asked Sister to help Brother write his ABC's.  Well Miss First Born thought that was the coolest thing ever.  She got to be the teacher and felt a lot of pride in helping her little brother.  And I think Brother felt special getting such tender attention from his big Sister.  It was a moment.  I'm glad I pulled out my camera.

So do any of you parents have advice for cultivating a strong sibling relationship starting at this young age?


  1. This is beautifully written my friend. Such sweet pictures too. Youve got to frame those :)


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