Thursday, March 28, 2013

To all who are visiting from my old blog, Mod Memento, thank you so much for coming over to my new home!

I have to tell you, it feels just like that.... a new home.  A new space with a fresh coat of paint, and new blank walls to cover with the things I love.  I have felt for quite a while that I had outgrown my old space.  Similar to that itch you get when you've outgrown a home that doesn't quite fit your needs anymore. 

I have been blogging for almost six years now.  SIX YEARS!  And I finally felt that it was time to start a new season with a new, more focused vision for my brand and space.

I call this new place, "Woven."  Because it's about a life woven with the thread of God's presence.  And I think that thread is something that I've only been open to seeing since being well acquainted with my thirties.  It's not something I grasped when I first started this blogging journey at the age of 27.

My new brand is heavy on colorful lifestyle photos and personal reflections on faith, motherhood, and artful living.  But my desire is that each of those elements are presented with accessibility and heart.  My style is to be....well, understyled.  But still include my creative touch.  I just want a place to curate the things that move me... from simple words and beautiful images, to music and art that I love.   And, in an attempt to somewhat fulfill a dream I once had to start my own magazine.... I want to be a little more artful with the way I present all these thoughts and photos.  Sort of like you're reading through an online magazine.  We'll see if I can pull that off.  ;)

But to further explain my purpose for this blog, I've been so inspired recently by the book "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldredge.  It's all about discovering our feminine purpose and design.  And I've learned that as a woman, we are designed by God to appreciate and cultivate beauty in this world.  It's part of our very soul.  Here's the paragraph that sort of inspired my new blog and vision:

"Beauty may be the most powerful thing on earth.  Beauty speaks. 
Beauty invites.  Beauty nourishes.  Beauty comforts.  Beauty inspires. 
Beauty is transcendent.  Beauty draws us to God."

What a plan he has for us women!  I love that each of us is able to express that beauty in different ways.  I hope to capture a bit of the beauty around me with my new blog space and share it in a way that brings God the glory.  I am so honored to do that for Him.

FYI....Phase 2 of my rebrand will be re-opening my Etsy Shop later this spring.  I'm excited to unveil a whole new collection of Prints, plus some other digital media that I've never offered before!  More news on that to come.

I would be so grateful if you updated your Reader, Bloglovin, and Social Media links with my new name.  You can subscribe to my blog here.  And if you haven't already, you can read a bit more about this blog by visiting my About page.

By starting this new space, I am losing all my old subscribers and followers.  But I'm not worried a bit.  I trust that those who land here (new and old) will come and go as they please.  I only hope that you leave inspired in some way.

Thank you for visiting!



  1. Congrats Bri, this is a beautiful website and I'm so happy for you:) I'm following along!

    1. Courtney - thank you SO much for reading and supporting my blog journey for so long now! You are the best!! :)

  2. Oh my, Bri. I am totally. totally. in love with your new space. It's so beautiful, welcoming, clean, bright, & your heart shines through. Excited for you & cannot wait to see your new etsy shop in the spring.

    blessings to you friend!


    1. Lauren - your words are such a blessing to me today! It can be intimidating to start something new so thank you for taking the time to give me such encouragement and support! Hugs to H'burg! ;)

  3. Lovely! Oh, I AM looking forward to seeing your new and improved shop!!!!

    1. Thanks Hannah! Spring has brought me to life again. :)

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