To be truly known, and still loved.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A friend recently asked me how I feel loved by God.  I thought it was such an interesting question.  Because despite not being able to physically see Him or receive love from him the way I would from normal a loved one, I still feel lavishly loved by my God.

Here are just a few ways that I feel it...

// I can take off the Masks.
I can be my real self in His presence and there's nothing that he doesn't already know about me.  I feel loved because He is truly my hiding place when I'm tired of all the masks.  Psalms 32:7

// He offers endless Mercy.
When I have a horrid day of mistake after mistake and sin after sin, I know He promises his gift of abundant mercy.  To me, it translates as the very definition of unconditional love.  Hebrews 4:16

// He created me and chose me.
I feel loved when I read that God knit me together in my mother's womb and that every cell in my body was designed by His hand with a purpose.  Knowing that I have a purpose on this Earth makes me feel loved.   Psalms 139:13-16

// I am included in his greater plan.
My story matters to Him.  And He loves me enough to include me in His plan for the world.  I was chosen for this time and this place in history.  I may never know what my footprints will ultimately do for his greater plan during my time here on Earth, but I feel loved by his desire to include me in it.  Romans 8:28

Becoming a mother has given me such a concrete glimpse into how God loves me.  It's the perfect illustration to help me grasp even the tiniest picture of the affection He has for us.  Just as I offer my own children a hiding place to be themselves, mercy, purpose and inclusion, so He does the same tenfold for me.

He knows my ugly.  He knows my dark.  He knows my struggles and the places where I painfully lack.  He watches me turn away.  He watches me try to replace Him daily.  He watches me strive and control and run in the wrong direction at every turn.

And still....


It's a crazy beautiful thing to be intimately known and loved by the creator of the Earth.



  1. Your words rock my world friend. SO SO beautiful. Hope you are doing well xoxo Trying to play catch up on my favorite blogs :)

  2. This is awesome. So good to write out these truths of God's love for us. I should do the same. :-)

  3. What a wonderful answer to a difficult question! So eloquent.


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