Friday, February 15, 2013

You know those special days when you make really amazing memories?  And your heart wants so badly to burn every single moment into your brain forever and keep those memories as fresh as they are today?

Yeah, that's what today was. 

M surprised us and took the day off work.  It was a gorgeous 50-degree-day with a sky full of sunshine. We went ice skating in the City and then out to our favorite wood-fired pizza place for dinner.  I watched my children try something for the first time.  And I could have cried watching them beam with joy as they scooted around on that ice. They fell down a thousand times but never quit.  They held my hand so tightly.  So full of trust. 

To anyone out there contemplating a spontaneous day off from the daily grind to spend with the ones you love - do it!  Go do something you've never done before.  LIVE.  Each day is a gift. 



  1. it looks like you had a lovely day with your sweet family!

  2. I love ice skating!! But have not experienced much of it living in Florida. :) Your family is beautiful! Love that you enjoyed some spontaneous, special time with them. Those are the best. :)


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