Homemade Bread {a recipe}

Monday, February 25, 2013

So I don't consider myself a baker.  At all.

I am not good at it and I don't enjoy it to be honest.  But when my friend Jamye invited me over one day last week and insisted that even I (the timid baker) could make homemade bread using a recipe she recently found, I was intrigued.  Skeptical for sure.  But given my love of homemade bread, I was indeed intrigued.  The thought of making bread every Sunday and having a fresh loaf to get us through the week sounded so tempting.  And it sounded so domestic!  I was even having thoughts of buying a cute apron just so I could wear it while making bread.

So I am happy to say that yesterday I took the plunge.  And it was a huge success!  This recipe really is easy.  Only 4 ingredients!  It was a lot less scary than I thought.  So I just had to share this recipe with you all.  It originally came from the book called 200 Fast & Easy Artisan Breads (No-Knead, One Bowl) by Judith Fertig. But has since been tweaked a bit by friends.


6.5 cups bread flour
1.5 T yeast (I used a Rapid Rise kind)
1.5 T kosher salt
3 cups lukewarm water


-Mix everything in large bowl with wooden spoon.
-Cover well with plastic wrap and let sit and rise for 2  hours in a warm spot.  I ran my dryer, then
turned it off and put the bowl in there!  Jamye puts hers on the radiator.
-After 2 hours it will be about doubled in size.
-Punch down and somewhat knead into a ball on a floured countertop.
-Wash out the bowl, and oil bowl with olive oil and put ball of dough in and turn to coat with oil. -Cover with plastic wrap and let rise again for an hour.
-When the hour is almost up, preheat oven to 450 degrees with your dutch oven (or cast iron round pot) without lid in the oven.
-When dough is ready dump into hot pot that has been sprinkled with flour then sprinkle the dough with kosher salt.
-Put lid on bake 1/2 hour with lid then 15 min without lid.
-Serve with olive oil and bread spices or butter.

Note: dough will be very sticky!

Please let me know if you try it!


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  1. You can also preheat your oven to its lowest setting (usually about 100°), then turn it off when you put the bread in to rise. Of course, then you have to take it out to preheat the oven for baking, so maybe your dryer solution is best! Thinking of trying this to go with some broccoli cheese soup tomorrow. My mouth is already drooling. I mean, watering. ;)


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