Friday, February 15, 2013

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Today I just wanted to share a beautiful passage from one of my favorite books, Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman.

".... it helps to remember that God has enclosed me behind.  That means everything in my past - every situation, circumstance, pain, fear, and longing I've ever had - he has been a barrier between those things and me.  The Hebrew word translated as "behind" is also used in scripture to mean "west".  And he has also enclosed me before, meaning forward, front, or everlasting.  It can also mean "east."  East and west are opposites forever.  They have no beginning, no ending, and they never meet one another.  He covers my yesterday and he holds my tomorrow.  Still, this present moment is where I live." .... "He has enclosed me forever in the past and forever in the future.  And then he lays his hand upon me in the great right now."

I love the word 'enclosed'.  It feels so safe and cared for.  It's difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that God encloses my past, present and future.  But I believe it with all my heart.  I love knowing that all the moments I capture with my camera or phone, such as the ones above, are never a surprise to Him.  They are little glimpses into the story He's writing for me.  This includes the tough stuff (especially the tough stuff).  It's all in the plan.  And He lovingly encloses it. 


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