Two things that predict the outcome of my day

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am in a "jumpstart" kind of season where I often find that if I don't get up before the kids in the morning, I feel really behind the rest of the day.  Because if they do wake up before me, I have to jumpstart myself.  And then all the sudden their urgent needs and requests are met with resentment and tension.  I hate feeling that way.

I'm not exactly a morning person though.  But after many days of frustration with the outcome of my day, I figured out that there are two practices that almost always ensure that we'll have a more positive, productive day:

1.  Getting up well before the kids.  I try for 5:30am whenever I can.  And I'm not a coffee drinker so this is early for me.  I shower and get fully dressed for the day.  The key is that I'm able to be alone with my thoughts for a bit.  I'm the kind of person who desperately needs some alone time every day.  It's my recharge.  And since the kids no longer take naps, this is often the only time of day I get it.

2.  Remember God's presence and invite Him into my day, asking for moment by moment mercy. If I am able to recognize His presence at the very start of my day, he is so faithful to meet me there and set the tone for my day.  I forget this one far too often.  But it's truly my key to tapping into the best version of myself.

If (and it's never a given)... But IF I accomplish both of those things, I am pretty confident my day will go smoothly.  Or, at least smoother than it would otherwise.

But on both good days and bad, I often cling to this:

What is your strategy for ensuring a good start to the day?  I would love to hear them!



  1. I've noticed that getting up before the boys puts me in a lot better of a frame of mind to deal with them also. There's just something about being ready to greet them when they wake up instead of being woken up to being stepped on by them....

    And having a good quiet time while they're napping. That's a good one, too! Although my oldest seems to be outgrowing his nap. Eeeek. I don't know what I'm going to do when he doesn't nap anymore!!!!

  2. Planning my day out the night before really helps me. I can gauge what I need to get done and where I need to go and how to best spend my time, instead of figuring out my day as it happens. I'm not naturally organized, so it's been hard scheduling my weeks, but it's helped so much! Also, a good cup of coffee and some scripture always helps my morning start right :)

  3. Yes, it is so hard to feel like you need to jumpstart yourself. I hate feeling behind even when it's still morning. Getting ready for the day the night before as best I can always helps. I hate cleaning the kitchen, but I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen even more. Packing bags. Things like that.


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