Little boys & Superheroes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well we have officially reached the Superhero phase in this house.  Despite never reading or seeing a thing about Spiderman, that's what he chose to be for Halloween.   And most recently, his obsession with Superman has reached a pinnacle.  That shirt you see above... he has worn for approximately 8 days in a row, only allowing me to wash it at night when he's sleeping (in his Superman pajamas of course).

The fun thing about Superman though, is that his father loves him too and even introduced DR to the classic 1980's Christopher Reeve version.  He's now seen all the rescue scenes from all four of those movies.  And I must admit, even I've become a fan.  Superman is humble, brave, honest, and selfless.  And unlike most of the modern day superhero movies, these are not overly complicated or scandalous or violent. 

But I've been thinking about the whole concept of little boys and superheroes.  I'm learning that a little boy's desire to be a superhero is the same as mine was (and still is) to be a princess.  It's innate.  Before ever seeing any mythical superhero on TV or in books, he already knew he wanted to be a rescuer, and a brave leader.  He wants to "fight the bad guys" before he even really comprehends who or what those bad guys really are.  I can only pray that he will continue to use those powers for good in the world.  Because right now, I am loving his innocent little heart.

There are so many violent superhero movies and media out there and I'm glad my husband and I can navigate that stuff together as he gets older.  In the meantime, I'm happy to point out to DR that his aspirations for nobility and bravery and perseverance are God-given and God-designed.  That a man who shows compassion and a desire to face difficult challenges, is a hero.  And that striving for a life of self-sacrifice, courage, honesty and integrity is a worthy pursuit.

And I loved how writer Bob Smithouser from Thriving Family wrote about Jesus being the original Superhero.

"Like the Man of Steel, Jesus walked the earth as a human being, but with superhuman abilities. At the appointed time, He shed His secret identity — a carpenter whose time had "not yet come" — and began working miracles, displaying amazing spiritual strength and, yes, even seeing through things. Jesus came to rescue humanity.  Not by soaring through town in a flashy red cape, but by heroically laying down His life."

May this be his model for true hero status.

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  1. adore everything about this! he's especially cute and love how you are so intentional and specific about nurturing those innate qualities in each of your kids. I'll be following in your footsteps soon, i predict :)

  2. that quote about Jesus being the original super here knocked me on my feet. so very life giving. your boy is precious!

  3. Its not just a boy thing!! Little P loves the superheroes and plays Supergirl, Spiderman, Batman, etc often! She's never seen any movies or anything before. But loves them still! She most often used accessory is a mask and a cape!

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