Get Up and Walk

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm always so frustrated by my default tendency to forget the God I love.  Prone to Wander, as one of my favorite hymns says.  That in my humanity, I will more often choose to turn away from God and his goodness rather than embrace all that I know of Him and studied of Him since the age of 13.  Why hasn't 20 years of feeling his pursuit of me been enough to "get it"?  I still gravitate toward the things that offend him.  And sure enough, the truth gets clouded.  And discontentment takes root.  And I stumble and trip and strive and "try harder" in my own strength. 

But yet... he still chooses me daily.  He still wants me in my desheveled state.  I don't have to slink back to him unsure of his response.  I can fall lovingly into his presence and be sure of my acceptance just as I am.  And with that, he breaks through my deafness.  He opens my blind eyes.  He shows me once again how to use my feet.   Not of my own strength, but of His.

I've mentioned before that song lyrics are often a way that God speaks to me.  I'll be wrestling with something and suddenly a song will pop up on my Pandora that speaks wisdom and truth to me in the moment I need it.  And this is what happened with a particular song a few weeks ago.  And the lyrics have been marinating in my mind ever since. The song is called "Get Up and Walk" and it's by one of my favorite artists, Bethany Dillon.

She says,

You break through my deafness
Swing open the curtain
And I find the courage to get up and walk
I forget my weakness
For You've answered my loneliness
And through the mud on my eyes
I can see my Hope has come

And so..... may I get up and walk this week.



  1. Love this post friend! We all struggle with that! I know I find myself feeling the very same way, all too often. Was just pondering this earlier this week too. It can be too easy to get caught up in all of life's goings on. Thank you for the reminder to give thanks to him, from where all our blessing come.

  2. He's so very good to us, isn't he? I think if we understood how completely he loved us and longed for us to be wholly his, we would be ravished by his love. So ravished that we couldn't resist being drawn to him on a daily basis. Oh, I want to know his heart!

  3. Beautifully written. And I love that photo! Gorgeous!

  4. Bethany Dillon is my favorite. ever.

    Love your words!


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